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Insight Solutions is a well-established organisation, committed to providing training solutions to Primary Care. We have all worked in a Primary Care setting for many years so we know and understand your business and the everyday issues you face

Managing Clinical Correspondence Workflow
Bespoke on-site clinical system/scanning solutions reducing correspondence sent to GP's

Simple, flexible, bespoke, on-site practical training solutions - establishing hands-on clinical system/scanning specific workflow solutions to fit the way you work

Employ a regular fully-trained Insight Consultant
A complete Primary Care IT expert who can hit the ground running for less than think

Many practices cannot justify employing an IT/Data Manager - the perfect solution is to employ an Insight Consultant on a regular basis to help you manage all IT aspects such as QOF, enhanced services, recalls and much more. No induction, no lengthy training programmes and all for less than you think. Find out more benefits of employing a regular consultant ...

Insight Membership
Want to become an Insight member? Join our club ...

Direct access to our clinical system/IT experts for all training queries plus access to our document portal containing topical clinical system searches, reports, protocols, patient alerts, templates & concepts. Annual membership for less than £7.50 per month - find out more about becoming a member ...

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