On-Site/REMOTE & Clinical System Training

I just wanted to email you to let you know how impressed we were yesterday with the training you gave us. Your trainer was calm, really helpful and very clear. We all managed to get so much from it and would like to thank you for such a great training day. You never made us feel like we were asking too much and you covered everything we needed to know. Staff kept commenting all afternoon how brilliant the training was and how much they enjoyed it and I completely agree with this so felt I should pass this feedback on to you. Thank you.

Marie, Practice Manager, Bucks

Much of the training we deliver is taught in the context of your business process. Remote bespoke training/consultancy targets learning to whom and where it is needed. This approach is very cost effective, takes less time and delivers faster and more lasting payback, ensuring your business gains considerably more than your financial investment.

The key to our training solutions is flexibility - training is delivered in the comfort of your own familiar surroundings by expert primary care consultants who know and understand primary care.

Insight's consultants are all experts in EMIS Web and TPP SystemOne - they work in practice's everyday so most importantly to you, they know and understand your business and what issues and concerns you face.

"I didn’t think we had much on our agenda for the day training, but in true Insight style, with your guidance you opened up areas for the practice to look at and the training just exploded into a full day of information"

Anita, Practice Manager, Wirral

Your clinical systems are very powerful tools; in order to get the most out of them and make them work for you, your training needs to be specific to the role you play in the practice. As with all training, we do not provide modular training - this doesn't work, you need flexible bespoke training solutions. You may identify you need training on advanced reports and searches - if you book this training with other organisations this is exactly what you will get. Here at Insight we know this means you are likely to need read code/SNOMED training, QOF, prevalence, data validation enhanced services and searches and reports - if the trainer coming to your practice does not have vast knowledge of all these areas they cannot deliver the training you need. We can't just rely on knowing how to set up reports, we have to ensure we have a complete holistic knowledge of primary care IT topics.

Many practices are unable to justify employing a data/IT Manager...

Please see details on our regular data/IT Consultancy Service

"Thank you for providing excellent training for member of staff who had little knowledge of QOF + provided additional information useful to those who thought they had complete knowledge of the subject. Information supplied will enable the practice to maximise their QOF income"

Cilla, Practice Manager, North Wales
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