Enhanced Service Health Check

Do you accurately claim for ALL services you deliver?

Do you know exactly who your target patients are?

Have you missed out on thousands of £’s because of simple coding issues?

Insight’s Enhanced Service Health Check will:

  • Validate searches and check claims - ensure all services delivered are claimed for, accurate use of appropriate codes (automated & manual claims) and advise on under/over claims including associated income
  • Create target patient lists for each of the ES including outstanding income using the most up to date technical requirements - to help prioritise workload
    Calculate income based on total numbers

This one-day on-site health check will ensure you fully understand your enhanced service workload, we will validate your searches, both automated and manual searches, to ensure all services you deliver are accurately claimed for. Practices can miss out on so many claims – patients leave the practice or deliver their babies before the month end claiming period, incorrect coding, incorrect target patients due to changes in DOB ranges & many more – all of which library searches do not take into account.

We commissioned Insight to come to our practice for 3 days in Feb/March to help validate our annual claims. For an investment of around £600 per day, in just one day they found us £3,850.00 due to inconsistent coding. We know we are good at reviewing & delivering care to patients but this shows how much our income is compromised from inaccurate coding. Next year we will book Insight earlier in the year to help us set up robust recalls and protocols to ensure we spot opportunities to increase our income - thank you Insight, your services & knowledge always hit the mark

Malcolm, Practice Manager, West Midlands
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