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FP34D Manager Pack
FP34D Manager Pack
FP34D Manager Pack - helps to validate your claims to ensure you are claiming for all services delivered. The Pack includes:

- Suite of clinical system searches -
     * To identify/report on all personally administered items each month (available for both Emis Web and TPP)
      * Dial-in service to install searches for TPP or Emis Web - NOT AVAILABLE FOR VISION
- An overview hand-out - content includes:
      * Tools & resources to check claimable items
      * List of items and cost to claim
      * Vaccination claiming tips
      * Clinical system specifics
      * High volume claims, dispensing - fees & checking claims/ payments 
A downloadable PPA Claims Tracker  - 
      * Our annual claims tracker will ensure you keep track of what you have claimed and when, income (so you can track against payments made) and date payments are made so you can validate your payments.

Once we have received your order and payment, we will process your order and send you an email with the PPA tracker. 

£ 180
Remote Clinical System Services Development - Hourly Rate
Remote Clinical System Services Development - Hourly Rate
Are you struggling with creating a search for a local enhanced service? Do you want to edit or create templates? How about creating a patient pop-up/alert for specific services? Remote dial-in services for clinical system development - creating/ editing data entry templates, creating searches, protocols, patient alerts, etc.
£ 150
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