Workflow Training

Manage clinical correspondence workflow within your admin teams by creating a safe, confident process to reduce workload, improve patient care and develop a confident, clinical coding team...

We have designed simple, flexible, bespoke training based on our expert knowledge of read codes/accurate data quality and clinical system capabilities (Emis Web and SystmOne). Whilst we recognise theory is important, we understand what practices really struggle with – taking the theory and putting it into practice - setting up DOCMAN or your scanning software to work the way you want to work, to take some of the manual tasks and automate them. There are other limitations practices face – limited time and money, whilst there is funding available for many it will only go so far; practices not all starting from the same place, some starting from scratch, others need to refine what they have already started; different levels of knowledge and ability from one practice to another means that this is not a one-size-fits-all topic. All of these and more make structured training less attractive to many practices.

Using Docman stamps will be useful when sending documents to GPs as they will know what action they need to take before reading the document. Learning how to add templates to Intellisense will make filing documents a lot quicker. So useful, thank you

Sophie, Administrator

Why remote bespoke hands-on training?

Because every practice is different - many practices are starting from different places, have a different staff skill-mix and struggle to release staff to attend off-site training - especially clinicians. Generic courses don’t work for every topic and this is one of them - we work to engage all relevant members of your team and as the training is bespoke, you can select exactly what you need to satisfy your training requirements. As we are working with you remotely, you can also have staff coming and going to suit you - after-all you still have a busy surgery to keep running.

Thank you so much, we learnt so much on the day. I can’t even describe it all as so many of the changes you’ve helped us to implement are really subtle - templates for coding, Read Code understanding, highlighting text - all of which have really helped to speed up the process whilst ensuring the relevant data is coded consistently and is filed or sent to the GP’s as appropriate. We feel really confident our system from start to finish is robust and safe.

Janice, Practice Manager, North Wales

Does a standard ‘protocol’ work across all practices?

We don’t believe it does - there are definitely common areas, however, not all doctors priorities are the same. We work with your team to establish an efficient but safe process to meet all differing priorities. We can provide you with a sample protocol for you to edit as necessary to 'fit the way you want to work'.

Is Read Code training important?

Yes, Read Code training is important for everyone - however many staff already know the basics, what they need now is how to apply them & your MCC workflow process on your clinical system. A course on how to Read Code will not help to set up easy data entry templates within your scanning solution, how to set up priorities for correspondence for GP’s or how to set up an auditing process. We know this is what you struggle with - our training solutions really get down to the nuts & bolts of the process.

The training was really useful - it has empowered our admin team and the GPs are delighted that the desired reduction in workflow has made a huge difference to their workload

Mary, Shropshire

What training topics are included?

Much of the training will evolve throughout the day based on need; however, topics generally include read codes, analysis of current processes, scanning rules/templates, highlighting/flagging important correspondence, updating & house-keeping system/scanning configuration and much more …

Its for you to decide what you want to include, not for us to tell you!

Not only have you set up proper up-to-date scanning rules, you have cleared out all of the out-of-date rules and we are now trained on how to manage future rules.

James, Practice Manager, Milton Keynes
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