Back-office document management service

Over the past 12 months, we have been increasingly requested to help with a back-log of admin functions in general practice. Increasing workload and patient demand has led to a lack of time to be able to complete all tasks as well as low staff morale resulting in a high turnover of staff.

As a result of the above, Insight have created a primary care back-office team to assist practices with remote admin tasks, primarily, document management. This includes:

  • Backlog of documents – documents currently sat in EDT systems but not coded and filed in patient records
  • Document management & workflow – everyday management of incoming documents, coded, prioritised, filed or forwarded based on your practice protocol
    • This service can be used to fill a current vacancy or short-term to cover staff absences or whilst you are looking to fill a vacancy
  • Other admin tasks requested by practices where we have the knowledge, skill and capacity to work remotely on their behalf All of Insight’s back-office admin team receive full training from our expert Primary Care IT Consultants and all services delivered can be fully audited.

Insight can provide a remote document backlog service as well as helping practices triage their ‘on the day’ documents based on the practice’s workflow document. This service is carried out remotely using secure NHS approved remote access software.

We would methodically work through the backlog of documents, coding all appropriate information (including all opportunistic data such as BP’s, BMI’s, etc), the letters would then be filed in the patient record. Any queries would be escalated to the practice contact given to us for the purpose of the project.

The ‘on the day’ documents would be processed in the same way, however, with backlog documents, most correspondence is coded and filed with few queries or need to forward across to clinicians and other clinical support staff. Triage on the day documents would again be coded, filed where appropriate and forwarded to the usual GP for information or further action, or they would be forwarded to the admin team for appropriate action.

Our daily rates are based on 7.5 hours work – the difficulty about this work is it is impossible to quantify timescales, however, on average, we aim to complete approximately 100-120 letters per day. The most important part each and every project though is quality – we work on quality over quantity. Initially we may start slowly as we take on board your practice policy, queries and comments but as we get to know each other, the pace of work generally speeds up.

Issues which prevent us from doing this include:

  • Size/content of letter, amount of coding required
    • Speed of the system
    • Connection – the ability to get connected at the start of the day as well as re-establishing connection if it is lost throughout the day

Service available for:

  • Emis Web/DOCMAN
  • Emis Web/Emis Web Scanning
  • SystmOne/SystmOne Scanning
  • Vision/DOCMAN

Service Daily Rate Back-Office Administration –

  • Full-day £240.00 + VAT
  • Half-day £140.00 + VAT

For further information, please contact Fiona Lawson on 01527 557407.

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