Data Validation & Prevalence

Order your annual QOF Prevalence Baseline Report - perfect for you to forecast your QOF income for the current year.  Insight Membership includes an annual report free of charge - for more information email You can also book onto any data quality/prevalence seminars or webinars from here. (Prices stated are including VAT)

QOF Health Check - follow up report
QOF Health Check - follow up report
(Only available to practices who have had an on-site/remote QOF Health Check)

Have you had a data quality assessment within this QOF year and worked really hard to improve the quality of your data?  Would you like to see how much your hard work has paid off?  Order a follow-up report and this will tell you exactly that, giving you an accurate practice QOF income forecast for this current year.
£ 30
Practice Prevalence Base-Line Report 2023/24
Practice Prevalence Base-Line Report 2023/24
Practice Prevalence Base-Line Report - how does your practice prevalence compare to national prevalence? Based on your register totals, what is your QOF annual forecast for the current year?  

This report will detail your average £ per point, your actual £ per point (prevalence weighted & non-prevalence weighted) and your annual QOF forecast for the current year.  This will highlight where the practice is low in prevalence and potential issues which, once addressed, could increase your annual QOF income substantially.

NOTE: this product is free of charge to all Insight Members - annual subsciptions from £60 + VAT. To enquire about membership please email
£ 50
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