QOF Health Check (Prevalence)

As a GP training practice and a research practice, it is imperative we have good data and we are using our clinical system appropriately. I have used Insight Solutions for the past 15 years to carry out training on a variety of subjects and to check our data to ensure we are maximising our QOF achievement. The data checking service always pays for itself so it’s a win/win situation. I highly recommend them!”

James Morgan, Practice Manager, Cardiff

Do you know the value of your QOF points for each disease area?
Did you know that every patient missing off a register de-values your QOF income and compromises patient care and safety?

An essential feature of QOF is establishing and maintaining disease registers. The value of each of your QOF points is directly linked to the size of your disease registers (prevalence).

Insight’s on-site QOF Health Check (data quality assessment) is the first step to validating your QOF registers. We have developed a suite of clinical system searches that intelligently identify patients who have a high probability of being missed off a register, providing the practice with a holistic picture of each disease area to help focus on high priority areas. This service will help to identify thousands of £’s of unclaimed income (annual), help boost your practice prevalence and ensure patient care and safety is maintained. If patients are missing off registers, they will be missing off your recall systems – a deficient register precludes those omitted from being offered appropriate standards of care.

In our experience, practice staff are good at diagnosing, treating and reviewing patients – however the omission of QOF recognised codes will result in practices not being rewarded for their hard work.

I have used Insight Solutions for 7 years and consider their service excellent. Last year I called them into review our prevalence for QOF. As a result I saw a significant increase in the value of QOF. We added 2,000 patients onto registers. Some examples are:

  • Depression Incidence
  • Osteoporosis
  • Learning Disability

Insight set up a suite of well-crafted searches on your clinical system which identifies possible patients who are missing from registers and for whom you are probably reviewing / prescribing for etc, ie you are doing the work but not being rewarded for it. The increased financial value of QOF has enabled us to invest in “state of the art” diagnostic equipment and further improved patient services and access to treatment.

Christina, a Practice Business Manager from Poole in Dorset, shares her experience

Challenge Insight …

Insight are so confident about increasing practice income and patient care and safety, our QOF Health Check (Prevalence) service comes with a 100% money-back guarantee!

If we cannot provide you with the ability to recoup your investment following our on-site assessment you do not pay a single penny. A typical realistic average return is £7,500 for the average sized practice and with an initial investment of approximately £650 you cannot lose - as long as you do something with the findings it is a win win for the practice. Even if you think you are good at recording accurate data, our money-back guarantee makes this a worthwhile motivating exercise for your practice team.

Don't be fooled by companies who do not charge a fee but take a %, nor by those who offer to find you £25-£30k and charge a large fee for the privilege - yes, they may well identify this income but it is not realistic, you only want to be presented with patients who have a high probability of being missed off a register.

For more information or to book a date, call 01527 557407 or email info@insightsol.co.uk

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