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Meet The Team

The Insight Team have more than 100 years experience in primary care. All of our consultants have a background in primary care having previously worked in General Practice, for one of the main clinical system suppliers or a PCT/CCG. It is essential we have this experience - General Practice is a unique & complex market, you have to work in a primary care setting to truly understand the needs of practices. And if we are going to deliver exceptional training, we have to know your market.

Our expert consultants are based in different parts of the UK - South West, Central, Wales, East, London, South, South East and North West. All consultants are experts in Emis Web, TPP SystmOne and Vision as well as QOF, enhanced services, CQRS, read codes, SNOMED, IG & GDPR to name but a few. The consultants are out working in practices each day so they are able to keep their knowledge of both primary care IT and what practices want and need to the highest possible standards. We also have monthly training meetings to ensure we keep our knowledge up-to-date - as well as sharing ideas, tips and best practice this ensures we are also offering you, the customer, the services you need exactly when you need them.

The team are looking forward to meeting you or continuing to work with you and passing on their valuable knowledge to ensure you are getting the most out of and are using your IT systems to maximum effect.

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