About Us

Insight Solutions is a well-established national organisation, committed to providing training solutions to Primary Care. We have been delivering exceptional solutions to primary care since 2001 – we are only still here because we deliver real value to improve patient care and maximise your business potential. We work in association with General Practices, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Primary Care Trusts, Health Boards, Shared Services, Business Service Centres, Professional Associations, software providers and a wide range of pharmaceutical companies.

We recognise that the primary care marketplace requires specialised services in order to meet the increasing demands placed on it. With technical IT, practice management, human resources, financial support & dispensary management, our expert team have the abilities to offer relevant healthcare services to improve the health of the nation. Understanding the restrictions you face when it comes to training, Insight has developed many innovative training services, designed to fit your limited budgets and time constraints.

We know that organisations key assets are its people – well trained staff will add real value to your business. People enjoy and get better results from doing things they are good at – & we are good at providing the right training solutions to you at the right time. Who are our services aimed at? Anyone working within Primary Care, we can assist with their on-going support & development needs.

Our Company Mission

  • To provide the best and most up-to-date services to all our clients, in a confidential, positive and friendly manner
  • To advise and recommend appropriate services for the needs of our clients
  • To be regarded as a leader in the field of primary care service provision
  • To provide an encouraging, positive working environment, to enhance initiative and self-esteem
  • Our Company Values

Being the best we can

  • First class service
  • Playing our part in the team
  • Simple solutions
  • Respect
  • Looking after the pennies
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