Regular data/IT Consultancy service

I have been using Insight Solutions on a regular monthly contract for many years. We started to use their service following an initial "QOF Healthcheck" which as advertised increased our income far more than the charge for the day. From this we decided to have a consultant in the practice on a regular monthly basis and we used this time to review and rework our recall system and ensure we were coding everything as we should be, for both QOF & enhanced services (CQRS). The service is invaluable, our consultant is always helpful and a pleasure to work with - her regular attendance on site has meant that she really became part of the practice team and people look forward to her visits as they knew any issues they have will magically be sorted! I have now moved to a new practice and have used the Insight to review working practices here and through this we have identified areas where insufficient or incorrect coding was costing the practice thousands of pounds - this has now been remedied. I would have no hesitation in recommending the Insight service to anyone.

Helen, Practice Manager, Worcestershire

Many practices are unable to justify employing a data/IT manager – they can be a very expensive commodity & they will require lots of training before they are up to speed. The perfect alternative is to employ an Insight Consultant to work with you on a regular basis.

What are the benefits of this?

  • They already know & understand general practice, what is important to you & the pressures constantly heaped upon you
  • They are experts on your clinical system & associated software products
  • There is nothing they do not know about QOF, enhanced services, prevalence, data quality & much more
  • Regular training/guidance given to your staff will help develop a confident, more productive team
  • You pay a set fee which is considerably less than paying an employee
  • You can change our hours to suit you – you are not stuck with an employee who is not able to change their hours to suit your changing business
  • You have no additional charges such as PAYE
  • You do not have to provide & fund a detailed induction programme or have any employer related responsibilities as you are not employing them

So, in a nutshell, you get a complete expert who can hit the ground running for less than you would have to pay a permanent member of staff you would have to train …

Consulting Options Available

A set number of days per month (if you have more than one site, we can split the days across your sites if this suits you better) -

  • Two days per month
  • One day per month
  • One day every 2 months
  • One day per quarter

Whilst on site, our consultants can address any IT/data issues you may have which may include data quality management or system house-keeping, QOF management and implementation of future software products as well as setting up a complete process for your local enhanced services to include target patient searches, patient alerts, data entry templates and claim validation searches.

Practices who currently employ a consultant one day per month have the reassurance their IT issues are picked up and addressed. These days ensure your team can ask any questions they may have which will help to build a more confident workforce.

"We find having Matt on a regular consultancy basis very helpful for the practice. We can use his expertise and knowledge in a number of ways and it complements the level of knowledge of other practice staff, meaning we don’t have to dedicate a lot of other staff time on the more complex work that is sometimes required. This is especially useful with any annual QOF new requirements or other national changes. It is also helpful that Matt has knowledge of how other surgeries work as that can be a way of sharing good practice"

Sharon, Practice Manager, Barnstaple
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