Shingles Vaccines

Friday 17th Nov 2023

There is still a lot of confusion around who is eligible for a shingles vaccination - practices where we audit their enhanced services, we are finding a lots of patients vaccinated but not eligible. The criteria is:

  • Immunocompetent - Aged 70-79 - Zostavax/Shingrix - have to be aged 70-79 at point of vaccination
  • Immunocompetent - Aged 65 (01/09/1958-31/08/1959) - Shingrix –have to be aged 65 at point of vaccination - this is a big issue, lots of patients vaccinated aged 64 or vaccinating patients born before 01/09/1958 and not yet 70!
  • Immunocompromised - Aged 50+ at risk code or requires shingles vaccine code - Shingrix - Have to be aged 50+ at point of vaccination - at risk criteria massively different to flu, pneumo and COVID programmes
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