General Practice Teams

Tuesday 19th Mar 2024

General Practice clinical teams are changing; if given the chance, patients will always see their regular GP, how are you going to break this pattern to help ease your access & GP workload and ensure you are making best use of the additional roles scheme? The link below takes you to an new awareness campaign, useful information and resources including posters, leaflets, social media assets, digital screens and even a PR film. Sharing these resources with your patients will definitely help to raise awareness and ensure patients know other resources available to them which could be more beneficial than a GP appointment.

Get your GP’s and nurses involved - leaflets handed to patients by their GP or regular nurse is likely to have a much bigger impact than a non-clinical person handing them out or leaving them on reception for patients to pick up. It really is in your interests to ensure patients are comfortable booking appointments with other healthcare professionals - if they’re not, they won’t book them, they will insist on seeing GP, there will be no GP appointments available and suddenly a complaint letter lands on your desk! These resources may just help you to break this cycle.

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