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Recruitment Advertising

Advertise your practice vacancies on a national web-based advertising site for 30 days with prices from as little as £150.00 per advert.  Basic screening for all applicants is also available. (Prices stated are including VAT)

Vacancy Advertisement (30 days)
Vacancy Advertisement (30 days)
Advertise your current practice vacancies on a national web-based job-board, attracting the best possible candidates currently seeking a new opportunity.  Your advert will be 'live' for 30 days.  Adverts are applicable for the following roles: reception ~ admin ~ management ~ practice nurses ~ practice pharmacists/technicians/dispensers
£ 180
Basic CV/Applicant Screening
Basic CV/Applicant Screening
A basic screening for all CV's received for your vacancy. Qualified Insight personnel will check each CV & forward all relevant applicants to the nominated email address at the practice. This ensures only appropriate CV's are forwarded for consideration.  

This option does not include us contacting any applicants.
£ 118.8
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