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GDPR & Information Governance

Manager packs - including Information Governance on-site training pack.  IG seminars/webinars can also be booked from here. (Prices stated are including VAT)

Coronavirus Manager Pack
Coronavirus Manager Pack
This Manager Pack has been developed by an employment solicitor and includes:
1. Coronavirus policy for employees
2. Guidance for owners and managers
3. Risk assessment checklist to determine when to self-isolate
4. Return to work checklist after illness or self-isolation
5. Basic Do’s and Don’ts notice for employees
The Coronavirus policy is intended to be a policy which provides both guidance and temporary adjustments to existing policies already in place.  This includes dealing with but is not limited to :
· Guidance on when self-isolation is required
· Power to force self-isolation
· Confirming what steps the employee must take to prevent risk
· Confirmation of steps being taken by the employer to prevent risk
· Sickness notification adaptation
· Pay policy i.e. when to pay full pay, sick pay or no pay
· Monitoring employee movements outside of the UK or to affected areas
· Monitoring employees when on leave or on self-isolation
· Risk assessments and arrangements when suspected symptoms
· Disciplinary proceedings failing to follow reasonable instruction, attending work when they ought reasonably know to self-isolate, putting others at risk, abuse of self-isolation or this policy
· Provision of short term lay off if shut down is required
Acquiring the policy and pack will demonstrate you have taken all reasonable steps to safeguard your employees health and safety at work whilst also protecting the business from financial loss. It will also ensure the business is prepared and ready for Coronavirus or suspected cases as it inevitably spreads. 

£ 180
Chaperone Training Managers Pack
Chaperone Training Managers Pack
Most practices display a notice to their patients outlining their rights to request a Chaperone. Whilst most patients do not take up this right, there are times when the presence of a formal chaperone is required. This can cause a strain on the practice as it is often another clinician that will have to step into this role at a moments notice. The alternative is to reschedule the appointment which can be both distressing and inconvenient for everyone involved.  The pack includes a downloadable electronic presentation, trainers guidelines, scenarios, test your knowledge and observation sign off. As an alternative to a trainer-led session, we will also send you a delegate workbook that allows an individual to go through a self-teach package at their own pace and with minimal assistance.
£ 150
GDPR/IG Manager Training Pack
GDPR/IG Manager Training Pack
Deliver your own in-house training year after year - can be used for your annual update training or for new members of the team. Pack includes a train-the-trainer GDPR/IG webinar, GDPR/IG Presentation for you to deliver to your staff, full training notes (with detailed instructions for each slide),  staff hand-outs & laminated scenarios. The content of the seminar/webinar includes:
Data Security in Healthcare
     o Principles
     o Processing Data (conditions)
     o Data Subjects & Individual’s Rights
     o Practice Responsibilities
Caldicott Principles
Data Security Protection Toolkit (DSP Toolkit)
Access to Medical Records Act (AMRA)
Subject Access Requests (SARs)
Freedom of Information Act
Best Practice
     o Smartcards
     o Data Entry
     o Passwords
     o Telephone, Fax, Email, Mobile Data, Computer Security, Post, Printers, Photocopying, Waste, Filing Cabinets, Office Access, Visitors, Clear Desk Policy, Person to Person
£ 300
RFID Contactless Shield Card
RFID Contactless Shield Card
RFID Contactless Protection Card - designed to block signals and help give additional protection to your contactless cards. For every 5 cards you purchase in a single transaction you will receive an additional card free of charge (this will be processed automatically) 

£ 5
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