GDPR & Information Governance

Manager packs - including Information Governance on-site training pack.  IG seminars/webinars can also be booked from here. (Prices stated are including VAT)

Chaperone Training Managers Pack
Chaperone Training Managers Pack
Most practices display a notice to their patients outlining their rights to request a Chaperone. Whilst most patients do not take up this right, there are times when the presence of a formal chaperone is required. This can cause a strain on the practice as it is often another clinician that will have to step into this role at a moments notice. The alternative is to reschedule the appointment which can be both distressing and inconvenient for everyone involved.  The pack includes a downloadable electronic presentation, trainers guidelines, scenarios, test your knowledge and observation sign off. As an alternative to a trainer-led session, we will also send you a delegate workbook that allows an individual to go through a self-teach package at their own pace and with minimal assistance.
£ 150
GDPR/IG Manager Training Pack
GDPR/IG Manager Training Pack
Deliver your own in-house training year after year - can be used for your annual update training or for new members of the team. Pack includes a train-the-trainer GDPR/IG webinar, GDPR/IG Presentation for you to deliver to your staff, full training notes (with detailed instructions for each slide),  staff hand-outs & laminated scenarios. The content of the seminar/webinar includes:
Data Security in Healthcare
     o Principles
     o Processing Data (conditions)
     o Data Subjects & Individual’s Rights
     o Practice Responsibilities
Caldicott Principles
Data Security Protection Toolkit (DSP Toolkit)
Access to Medical Records Act (AMRA)
Subject Access Requests (SARs)
Freedom of Information Act
Best Practice
     o Smartcards
     o Data Entry
     o Passwords
     o Telephone, Fax, Email, Mobile Data, Computer Security, Post, Printers, Photocopying, Waste, Filing Cabinets, Office Access, Visitors, Clear Desk Policy, Person to Person
£ 300
RFID Contactless Shield Card
RFID Contactless Shield Card
RFID Contactless Protection Card - designed to block signals and help give additional protection to your contactless cards. For every 5 cards you purchase in a single transaction you will receive an additional card free of charge (this will be processed automatically) 

£ 5
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