Year-End 2019/20

Sunday 1st Mar 2020


Prevalence data is extracted on 31st March each year - disease registers are mainly prevalence weighted (394 points) so the value of each of these points is based on how many patients you have on your registers (practice prevalence compared to national prevalence). Ensure you have validated your registers to ensure they are accurate, every patient missing off a register results in the practice losing thousands of £’s. If you have not validated your registers for some time talk to us about an on-site QOF Health Check to start 2020/21 off on the right foot. Our QOF REMOTE session (25% discount) detailed on pg2 will highlight some quick fixes which could increase practice income significantly for this current year, ensuring you are paid for the work you have already done.

Personalised care adjustments - single indicator codes still apply in the same way they have before, ensure you have recorded appropriate codes such as maximum tolerated, service not available and declined. As long as you have used appropriate QOF codes, two invite codes will now automatically remove patients from the denominator (previously you had to extend 3 invitations and then add the appropriate informed dissent code). If patients have not automatically been removed check the invite codes you have used, you may need to change them to QOF appropriate codes.

MH002 - denominator is ignoring patients with remission codes without a previous first or new episode. Check patients do not have a first or new episode of mental health superseding their remission code or that the patients original diagnosis was not coded with a first or new episode type.

SMOK004/005 - patients should be sent a letter/text detailing the support services you offer. Smoking cessation can then be batch added to patients records.

MMR Claims -

  • MMR002 - can only claim for patients identified as missing 1 or more doses, have been invited by letter, email, phone, text or digital personal health record. Patients attending opportunistically can not be claimed.
  • MMR003 - total patients who received 3rd invite preceding month. 1st/2nd invite should be sent via letter, text, email, etc, 3rd invite must be personally given by healthcare professional.
  • MMR004 - patients declined and coded only

Lots more hints & tips and best practice is included in our year-end webinar - 12th March @ 11am, book now:

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