WALES ONLY - Hints & Tips (Audit+)

Thursday 13th Feb 2020

Amitriptyline & Oxycodone

Using both of the above together can increase the risk of serotine syndrome - severe cases may result in coma and death. Guidance recommends the need for caution and monitoring when prescribing both simultaneously. It is recommended practices carry out a med review for patients on this combination.

Clinical System Prompts in Audit+

Did you know there is a series of patient prompts in Audit+ which can be switched on to display in your clinical system when you open relevant patient records. QAIF, flu and shingles prompts are particularly useful especially if not provided by your clinical system suppliers. They can be switched on and then activated for all, per role or per user.

Audit+ - how to unlock users

All users set up in your clinical system will be transferred to Audit+, however, you may need to unlock users prior to them being able to access the modules.

Go to Settings - Practice Details - Users Find the relevant staff member, highlight and click on unlock.


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