WALES Audit+ Seasonal Flu Module 2020/21

Thursday 20th Aug 2020

The new seasonal flu module will be available to all Wales practices any day now …

What are the benefits of using Audit+?

  • The searches are written for Wales, based on the Welsh criteria
  • Clinical system suppliers write searches across all four home countries, there may be variants to the way each country record flu vaccinations and interpretations can be made which do not match the specific welsh criteria
  • They will be available in the next couple of days whereas your clinical system searches are unlikely to have been updated for 2020/21 yet
  • Your achievement is calculated from Audit+ extractions
  • Pop-ups/patient alerts are accurate based on the current year’s specification
  • The target patients are updated at least every night so you don’t have to re-run the searches to identify new target patients
  • It is so simple to use - the two dashboards mean you can clearly identify your target patients not vaccinated as well as patient’s vaccinated/target achieved
  • Each target patient list can be exported to Excel, saved and easily imported into your clinical system for you to send text message reminders, letters, emails, etc and mark patient notes to indicate invitation sent

Audit+ Seasonal Flu Module Overview Bite-Size Training (using Teams)

As well as walking you through the module, we will also demonstrate how to export a list of target patients, save and import into your clinical system as a patient list for invites/reminders.

Vision - Wednesday 9th September @ 1.30pm

Emis Web - Wednesday 9th September @ 11.00am

To book your place please email - places are limited to one login per practice in the first instance, additional dates can be arranged once the above sessions are full.

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