Supporting Primary Care Networks (PCN’s) - ILM Operations Manager

Wednesday 1st Jan 2020

The expectations heaped on PCN’s is huge and the change of pace is likely to be rapid. The role of the clinical director is new and the existing practice manager role is likely to evolve and develop. For many, this leadership/project management role is new, working collaboratively will bring it’s own challenges and manager’s will need support. Leadership development programmes can really help to develop personal skills helping you to achieve personal and organisational goals regardless of what level you are currently at.

The Institute of Leadership and Management Level 5 qualification - normal cost £7,000 but this qualification is government funded (95%) so the cost to you is only £350+VAT.

This level 5 qualification is suitable for managers at all levels, it will enhance your ability to better manage projects and achieve operational or departmental goals or objectives. Areas included:

  • Operational - Understanding operational management, development, systems & data security, objectives & setting of KPI’s, identify barriers & how to overcome these
  • Project Management - setting up projects and managing risk
  • Finance
  • Leading people - understanding different leadership styles and delegation
  • Managing people - managing multiple teams, performance management, coaching and mentoring
  • Building relationships - understanding negotiation, influencing, networking & collaborative working techniques
  • Managing conflict - at all levels
  • Communication - interpersonal skills, forms of communication

This is a work-based qualification, you will be assigned an assessor & be given access to the ILM Toolkit as well as access to other learners and senior managers. This is an ideal qualification for a group of locality manager’s to work on together, many PCN’s signing up a group of manager’s to help support them in their new, evolving role. This level 5 qualification is equivalent to a foundation degree. Level 3 ILM for Team Leaders also available (£225+VAT).

For more information please contact Julie on 01527 557407 or email

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