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Summarising Patient Records (inc Read Codes & GP2GP) Seminars

Friday 30th Nov 2018

In last month’s Insight-FUL we reported how practices are suffering as a consequence of not properly summarising patient records - by accepting the GP2GP transfer without checking the records when they are received is likely to leave you with data quality issues.

Would you and your local practices benefit from a locality-based seminar?

You can book a session for practices using V2, CTv3 or SNOMED. Agenda includes (content flexible based on coding structure):

  • Why Read Codes
  • Overview of Read Codes
  • Browsing the Hierarchy
  • Introduction to Medical Terminology
  • Data Quality & Validation
  • GP2GP
  • Summarising Patient Records
  • Legal Considerations

Please contact us for further information on 01527 557407 or info@insightsol.co.uk

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