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Thursday 4th Jan 2018

We are occasionally being asked why we are not offering training yet on SNOMED?

Yes, SNOMED is the coding of choice from April 2018, however, practices will not be transitioning from the 1st April as dual coding will be in place.

So, our advice is, sit tight and carry on as you are.  We recommend you do some house-keeping, tidy up and delete old searches/reports. Protocols & templates so your system is as ‘tidy’ as it can be.  We will be running awareness training to practices, however, we still feel it is a little early – you want to receive the training when you are using SNOMED as you will just carry on using V2/CTv3 codes and forget anything you have already learnt. 

NHS Digital have made some training resources available – these can be found at: https://hscic.kahootz.com/connect.ti/t_c_home/view?