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Tuesday 30th Apr 2019


Vision are making further changes to Vision+ subject to testing at pilot sites after the end of QOF 18/19 freeze. Development should begin in May (delayed from April) and completed in June.

TPP no new updates. SNOMED CT is enabled but not yet the default and no current date set on when TPP will force the change.

Microtest - work with NHS Digital continues, updated on developments will be provided in the future.

EMIS are confident they will deploy their pilot (update 9.1) by July, delayed from April. They have created a practice checklist to support transition to SNOMED CT. Checklist footnotes: Existing resources based on Version 2 read codes will continue to work but practices will not be able to copy or edit them.

NOTE: it has been brought to our attention the SNOMED update will be provided in update 9.2 ( we will update with further information once available)

Emis have resources available for practices to help you review, prioritise and prepare templates, searches, etc - these are available on the Emis Health Support Centre. Practice resources such as searches, templates, concepts, etc, will continue to work following the update, however, you will not be able to edit or copy any of these resources - EMIS Web cannot support resources that use a mix of both Read hierarchies and SNOMED hierarchies so these resources will need to be re-created.

Practice checklist – what do you need to know now?


Preparing local resources – general information


Preparing clinical templates and library items


Preparing searches and reports


Preparing document templates


Preparing protocols and protocol triggers


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