Tuesday 24th Sep 2019

“What happened to NOS, NEC, [X], [D] … codes?”, “Why can’t I put a value next to O/E – weight?”

Read terms ending in NOS (not otherwise specified), NEC (not elsewhere classified), NOC (not otherwise classified) or HFQ (however further qualified) and those beginning Other specified originated from the classifications (ICD and OPCS). These codes served as generic ‘catch alls’ for conditions that lacked a dedicated code. As such these codes no longer exist in SNOMED, however, they will still be assigned a code to map to within the mapping tables:

Examples -
F52z. 00 Otitis media NOS maps to 65363002 Otitis media
Q4z.. 15 Stillbirth NEC maps to 237364002 Stillbirth
Nyu97 00 [X]Synovial hypertrophy, not elsewhere classified maps to 240206002 Synovial hypertrophy
71244 00 Biopsy of lesion of adrenal gland NEC maps to 172033008 Biopsy of lesion of adrenal gland
7NB5y 00 [SO]Other specified other veins of pelvis NEC maps to 13152008 Structure of pelvic vein
7A5z. 00 Other artery operations NOS maps to 118805000 Procedure on artery
7P16y 00 Other specified other diagnostic tests on skin maps to 53309004 Skin test

For more information, NHS Digital have updated their Data Quality Guide - to access please click on the documents below:

  1. SNOMED CT Fact Sheet Structure of SNOMED CT
  2. SNOMED CT Hierarchy Fact Sheet
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