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SNOMED UPDATE – Latest update from NHS England

Saturday 3rd Feb 2018

The implementation of SNOMED CT in general practice will commence from April 2018 with a phased roll-out approach, ensuring year-end processes can be completed prior to implementation.  The phased implementation approach will:

  • Enable systems to preserve both SNOMED CT and Read codes for a period of time to support the transition and implementation planning
  • Ensure national specifications that are provided in SNOMED CT can be supported while suppliers roll-out their solutions
  • Ensure that new clinical content for general practice that is released in SNOMED CT can be recorded and processed by all end users during the implementation

The first phase of the deployment rollout will start with approximately 20 pilot sites, including all of the principal clinical systems, after their year-end business processes are completed. Wider roll-out will follow the pilot phase with expected implementation to be completed by autumn 2018.  GP clinical system suppliers will inform GP practices of their deployment plans.

SNOMED CT will replace Read/CTV3 Codes in general practice clinical systems. This will help clinicians and health and care workers to accurately record and share information about the treatment of patients using a consistent coding approach that can be understood across the entire NHS. In addition, SNOMED CT provides a single common coding system across the NHS that will support broader international health and care research. NHS Digital is co-ordinating SNOMED CT implementation within general practice and is working closely with the principal clinical system suppliers to ensure a smooth transition.

Recorded webinars for awareness purposes are available on the Delen website: https://hscic.kahootz.com/connect.ti/t_c_home/view?objectId=300083#Webinars

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