SNOMED Coding for Long COVID

Friday 16th Apr 2021

There are two new SNOMED Concept ID’s to support the ongoing effects of COVID-19.

1325161000000102 - Post COVID-19 syndrome (disorder)

1325181000000106 - Ongoing symptomatic disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (disorder)

As the Post COVID-19 syndrome does not have the synonym ‘Long COVID’ practices may find it useful to create a synonym.

S1 - Setup > Data Entry > Read Code Synonyms > and adding the synonym such as Long COVID

EW - Our recommendation would be to create a very simple protocol and then add it to your F12 key so you can repeatedly code it very quickly (members help sheets available to demonstrate how this can be done - EW- (GUIDE) Creating a Protocol/EW- (GUIDE) how to add a protocol to your F12 key/EW- (GUIDE) creating a consultation synonym

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