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Shingles Catch-Up Programme – Patient Cohort

Thursday 8th Feb 2018

This is still causing much confusion – as each month practices will have a different set of patients eligible because it is based on a patients age not their DOB.

“From 1 April 2017, this programme is for the vaccination of patients who are 78 or 79 years of age at the time of vaccination. Patients eligible for vaccination under this programme since it was introduced, remain eligible for vaccination until their 80th birthday.”
The patient needs to be aged 78 years or over at the end of the reporting month and must be aged under 80 years at the start of that same reporting month i.e. aged 78 or 79 at some point within the month. The cohort is a bit of a moving one in that if the patient is aged at least 78 years at the end of the month but also aged under 80 years at the start of a month they would be included for the cohort for that month. So if you vaccinate a patient when they are aged 79 and then the next day they turn 80, this will often mean they are not automatically extracted for payment on CQRS. In this instance you would need to make a manual claim with your CCG.

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