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Seasonal Flu Campaign 2019/20

Sunday 1st Sep 2019

Are you ready? It would appear the new all-in-one vaccine is being delivered early September. If that is the case, you need to be organised and ready to go …

Can you identify ALL patients eligible?

Do you understand which patients fall outside the main categories and how to code them for vaccines?

Do you administer more vaccines than you claim for?

With each vaccine worth approximately £17 to the practice and with so much competition now available for flu vaccines, you need to do all you can to maximise your income. It is so easy to miss claims - patients who move away/deceased, patient no longer pregnant to name but a few.

Insight’s REMOTE dial-in service includes:

Part ONE (August/September/October)

Install and run searches to identify eligible patients -

65+, 2-18 years, 18-65 years, at risk , other categories (9OX4), patients vaccinated elsewhere last year, patients newly eligible this year (new diagnosis, age, etc) -

these can then be used to send invites

Part TWO (January/February)

Full validation of all flu searches - to maximise your claims for enhanced services (CQRS) and FP34D’s - as well as data quality searches to identify patients incorrectly coded or patient’s not eligible.

Whilst for many this service will pay for itself by identifying missed claims, for others it is a small price to pay for the reassurance they are being accurately paid for the work they have done.

Cost for this 2-part service is only £120 inc VAT and can be ordered on our website -


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