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Seasonal Flu 2019/20 Programme

Wednesday 2nd Jan 2019

We know it’s early, sorry! However there are changes you need to be aware of as you prepare to place orders for the coming year.

Both of the vaccines recommended and used in the 2018/19 programme and licensed for use in the UK will continue next year.

  • Quadrivalent inactivated vaccine (QIV) - 18-64 year olds in clinical at risk groups & other eligible groups inc frontline health & social care workers
  • Adjuvanted trivalent vaccine (aTIV) - 64 years & over

Both of the above products are cultured on eggs. It is anticipated two further products will be licensed within the ordering window for the 2019/20 season - a cell based QIV suitable for use in both those aged 18-64 and those aged 65 & over. Going forward, standard QIV will be referred to as QIVe (eggs) & the new vaccine will be referred to as QIVc (mammalian cells). A high dose trivalent vaccine (TIV-HD) will be suitable for those aged 65 & over.

The new unlicensed products cannot yet be ordered, NHS England will write to practices again later in the year confirming the full list and when they are licensed, list price, etc.

Full details including a summary table -


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