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REMOTE – Seasonal Flu 17/18

Tuesday 1st Aug 2017

Seasonal Flu Campaign – this is a critical programme for Primary Care for both patient care & practice income.

Our 2-part REMOTE Flu 17/18 dial-in service includes:

Patients included in target groups including over 65s, at risk categories & patients aged 2 & 3

  • Protocol/patient alerts & appropriate recall systems put in place
  • Identification of patients to be coded 9OX4 e.g. carer, MS, coeliac, etc. (applicable for flu vac but not included in target criteria)
  • Patients vaccinated elsewhere last year – to target practice marketing of flu clinics
  • Identify patients newly at risk this year – to ensure they are aware they now qualify for flu
  • Protocol –  to aid easy recording of vaccinations – given, declined, given elsewhere
  • Protocol – for receptionists to run when patient makes apt, alert if flu vac still outstanding

The 2nd part of the service (from January 2018) includes:

  • Validating seasonal flu searches – for CQRS & FP34D claims
  • Data quality searches – to ensure the correct codes have been recorded for all flu vacs given

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