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REMOTE Non-QOF Invite Codes - recall tidy-ups

Monday 3rd Feb 2020

REMOTE Non-QOF Invite Codes - recall tidy-ups

  • Have you used non-QOF invite codes?
  • Are patients still in your denominator even though you have sent two invites?
  • Really time-consuming exercise to identify and re-code with QOF appropriate codes?

So many practices have contacted us with this issue - in the main the problem exists because practices have used generic invite codes which are not included in QOF following the introduction of personalised care adjustments. Practices have continued to use the codes they have always used - they have either not updated their system this year or have chosen not to use them as they remove the QOF prompts after two invites meaning practice miss out on offering opportunistic reviews. However, this now means patients remain in the denominators and unless the appropriate QOF invite codes are used, patients will not automatically be removed from your targets. This will seriously affect your QOF achievement & QOF income for 2019/20.

You can set up and run searches to identify patients who have these codes included since April 2019, however, to then go through these patient lists will be a very time-consuming exercise.

Insight’s solution includes a REMOTE dial-in, we will install our suite of searches, adjust them to include the invitation codes you have recorded and run them. The searches will identify patients sent an invitation per month (using your invite codes) and will be broken down per disease area per month. This will allow practices to easily bulk add the disease specific invitation code in the month the original invite was sent, once two codes have been added he patient will automatically be removed from the denominator. The following disease areas have been included:

Asthma, AF, cancer, CHD, COPD, depression, dementia, diabetes, HF, hypertension, mental health, RA, stroke/TIA)

To order, visit our website - https://www.insightsol.co.uk/products/qof-enhanced-services/

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