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Regular on-site consultancy days

Thursday 19th Dec 2019

Did you know that many practices ‘employ’ our expert consultants to work with them on a regular basis? This can range from 1 day every couple of months right up to 1 day every fortnight.

Many practices just need some additional support – for QOF, enhanced services, recall systems, data quality, setting up new services such as patient online and much more. Some practices are too small to justify employing someone full-time with these skills so everything just falls to the practice manager to manage. Others require our help when they have key members of staff leave – this can be to help them out short-term and to help train new members to the team.

"we met Tina at an annual QOF seminar, we seemed to have so many actions following the seminar we knew we needed some help. I know when we started using Tina we were unsure just how helpful she could be but she has been a true joy to have in the practice, she increases our income with tweaks here and there to our data which more than pays for each visit and she always manages to conjure up a search that answers our queries – even when they are a bit odd!"

Sally, one of the practice manager’s we work with regularly

If you would like more information or to discuss what our regular days can offer you, please contact Fiona on 01527 557407 or email Fiona@insightsol.co.uk

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