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REGISTER YOUR INTEREST - Changes to QOF 2019/20 Seminars

Friday 1st Feb 2019

From April 2019 there will be changes to QOF - retired indicators (diabetes, dementia, osteoporosis & PAD), new indicators for BP control, reducing iatrogenic harm, improving diabetic outcomes, cervical screening, COPD, weight management and mental health. There are no changes to current thresholds, however, current exception reporting will be replaced with personalised care adjustments - 5 different reasons for removing patients from indicators. As well as QOF, there are ES changes - such as an increase in all vaccination & immunisation payments to £10.06 (to bring them all in line). We will include details about the new Primary Care Networks DES as well as the new quality improvement modules for prescribing & end of life care. SNOMED will no doubt feature heavily in the sessions as more practices transition across from V2/CTv3 codes. Content is subject to change and will be based on the confirmed changes at the time of delivery.

So if you are interested in attending a locality-based seminar, please register your interest - lewis@insightsol.co.uk

Locations will be based on demand, they will be half-day seminars including breakfast (am session) or lunch (afternoon session). If you are interested in setting up your own locality-based session, please contact Fiona on 01527 557407 or email fiona@insightsol.co.uk.

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