QOF Seasonal Flu Indicators & amended details to the GMS/PMS contract

Monday 2nd Nov 2020

QOF Seasonal Flu Indicators

V45 rule sets now look for specific flu invite codes and once you have recorded two invite codes for a patient they are now automatically excluded from the flu indicators. The codes included are:


Further details to the amended GMS/PMS contract - 1st October 2020

Appointments - from 1st October practices must record appointments in their appointment book in line with guidance jointly published between NHS England and the BMA -


NHS Digital Workforce Collection - practices must participate monthly now and not quarterly, these updates are vital to understand the workforce pressures in primary care -


List cleansing - A new requirement for practices to support NHS England to fulfil its statutory duties to maintain accurate patient lists. This includes removal of patients because they have moved out of area, violent & patient assignment (relationship between patient/practice has broken down).

6-8 week post-natal check for new mothers - there have been some queries about this requirement introduced on 1st April 2020. These checks need to be led by a GP who can be supported by additional MDT professionals within the team.

Appointment slots for NHS111 - a continuation of the temporary increase in the number of slots to 1 slot per 500 patients per day to support phase 3 of the NHS response

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