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Monday 3rd Feb 2020


Do you have low prevalence or struggle with HF due to LVSD and/or Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis may now only be 3 points but in terms of income they are 3 mighty points!

These two areas still catch practices out, the issues are nearly always due to coding issues as they require multiple codes to be enter but the result can be thousands of £’s in missed income:

 HF due to LVSD &  Osteoporosis


With a quick and simple change to your coding and no adverse affect to your points achievement, you can increase your income by increasing the value of each point you earn.

For the cost of £60 + VAT, one of our expert consultants will dial-in remotely, identify patients missing off the above registers and show you how to accurately code/edit codes to ensure patients are included. This exercise will ensure you are not significantly de-valuing each point for these areas. The above practice increased their income by more than £4,000 for an outlay of £72! Once we have received your completed order and payment, a mutually convenient date/time will be arranged for the dial-in session to take place.

To order - https://www.insightsol.co.uk/products/qof-enhanced-services/

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