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QOF, QOF & more QOF ...

Wednesday 1st May 2019

QOF, QOF & more QOF ...

  • Average list size 2019/20 - 8479, average £ per point 2019/20 - £187.74
  • 15 new indicators - based on new evidence & reducing potential for over-treatment
  • 4 new diabetic indicators have different targets based on the frailty of the patient
  • 9 new indicators across diabetes, BP, CHD, stroke, cervical screening have new age criteria included
  • NEW Quality Improvement Domain (QI) worth 74 points - includes 2 modules covering prescribing safety and end of life care, aimed at practices improving processes around these areas, leading to improved patient care
  • Personalised care adjustments (PCA’s) will replace the current exception coding - more precise system to ensure high levels of exceptions are not perceived as poor quality care

For a complete summary of the changes as well as how to implement/manage within your practice, come and join us on one of our QOF Changes Road Shows - details of locations/dates etc on our events page.

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