QOF QI - Optimising Access to General Practice

Friday 6th May 2022

37 points - demonstrate continuous quality improvement on optimising access to general practice. First things first …In 2021 patient survey, 83% patients reported good experience with their GP, up from 82% in 2020. However, the pandemic has changed service delivery, demand on general practice is at an all time high and many patients are struggling to book an appointment. Something has to give - the current situation is not working for anyone, clinicians are under increased pressure and however hard everyone works, patients remain unsatisfied.

A one-size approach does not fit all when it comes to appointments - even practices across a PCN will be very different and will have different issues when it comes to their appointments. You can’t magic up more appointments, yes we need more doctors/locums, however, in the meantime it’s essential we use what we’ve got to the maximum:

  • Do your clinicians do work others could do, such as admin tasks? It’s easier and cheaper to employ more admin staff than it is clinicians
  • How effective are your ARRS staff? How do you go about determining what ARRS roles would be most effective?
  • If you have GP vacancies you can’t fill, what other roles could help? Pharmacists, PA’s, paramedics, ANP’s or care co-ordinators?
  • Are all of your afternoon nurse appointments booked? If not, can you change nurse hours to have more appointments in the morning?

Without analysing your appointment data, you really can’t answer these questions and you can’t realistically identify an area for quality improvement - for more information on our Appointment Analysis service, please contact Fiona - Fiona@insightsol.co.ukor call 01527 557407.

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