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QOF Priorities & Actions Toolkit - CURRENTLY DISCOUNTED BY 50%

Sunday 2nd Feb 2020

QO Priorities

All you need to do is enter in your register totals - this will detail your prevalence and £ per point for each disease area.

Once you then enter each of your denominator/numerator figures it will calculate how many more patients for maximum achievement, £ per patient achieved and how many patients you need to achieve per week/month.

The perfect tool to help you prioritise your workload.

Qof priorities 2

The generate summary box at the top will then summarise the outstanding workload and list the outstanding patients for each indicator as well as workload per week/month and £ per patient.


Costs from as little as £50 + VAT (for Insight Members) but options to purchase the spreadsheet only or spreadsheet plus REMOTE dial-in - we complete the spreadsheet for you and then talk you through your priorities.

To order please visit:


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