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QOF Priorities 2018/19

Tuesday 8th Jan 2019


As you enter the last quarter of the year do you understand what QOF activity you have outstanding and what work will give you the best return?

QOF Priorities is a simple form which will help you:

  • Prioritise your workload to make the most of this last quarter
  • Tell you how many patients you have left to achieve & what value this is worth to the practice
  • Enable you to prioritise your QOF resources/workload

What shocked us was out of a possible £187,000 income, we had 35% of this total still to achieve.

For COPD003 (reviews), our QOF software was telling us we had achieved 62% (upper threshold 90%) achieving 2.67/9 points. What Insight’s spread sheet was able to tell us was we needed 40 more patients to achieve max points, worth £30 per patient.

DEM002 (face-to-face review) showed 60%, max threshold 70%, achieving 10.85/15 points. We need 7 patients to achieve max 15 points, worth £158 per patient.

This detailed information allows us to target resources to those priority areas

Laura, Practice Manager, West Midlands

Laura, Practice Manager, West Midlands


Purchase the spread sheet and complete yourself using the detailed guidance

£60 inc VAT for non-members & £30 inc VAT for members

Option 2 -

Purchase the spread sheet as a REMOTE service and we will dial in and complete all your figures in the spread sheet and then talk you through your high priority areas

£100 inc VAT for non-members & £72 inc VAT for members

To place your order: https://www.insightsol.co.uk/products/qof-enhanced-services/

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