QOF Prevalence Health Check - follow-up

Wednesday 8th Sep 2021

We all know how essential accurate register’s are to your annual QOF income (prevalence) - if you do not maintain your registers you will lose income, substantial income. At this time of year, many practices commission Insight to carry out their annual check - we are almost half way through the year but you still have time to make right any issues identified.

As you can see from the follow-up report below, the smallest changes will reap the biggest rewards - following our health check this practice added 32 patients to their HF register and 13 to their HF due to LVSD register which increased their potential income by more than £2,000 - the patients were all being appropriately cared for but due to incorrect coding the practice were not being paid for the care they were providing. With very little effort this practice have increased their income by more than £7,000 per year - all for a £600 + VAT outlay.

Our QOF Prevalence Health Check comes with a full 100% money-back guarantee - we have to find you the potential to increase your income by the cost of the service or more otherwise you do not pay a penny. As long as the practice is committed to making the changes we identify, you cannot lose out. Contact us today for more information about our QOF Prevalence Health Checks.

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