QOF is back …

Monday 10th May 2021

April 2021 see’s the return of QOF - whilst it may not seem a high priority currently, there are now many patients who have maybe not had their regular bloods tests done for 2 years and there is a lot of noise around how we restore general practice.

Last year saw some changes to QOF, this year there are limited changes but the changes from last year now apply. As well as that there are changes to cancer and SMI’s have been integrated into QOF. A new vaccinations & immunisations domain has been introduced which sees 4 new indicators, around childhood immunisations and shingles now included.

There are no new QI indicators added, however, the existing PCN IIF targets will still apply with new targets possibly being introduced later in the year.

QOF Update 2021/22 Webinars -

Our popular annual QOF Changes webinars are back - summarised webinars which will include all the detail you need to know - what codes to add, episodes, etc. We will also include a section around restoring general practice and identifying high priority patients. Dates/times can be found here: https://www.insightsol.co.uk/events/

QOF Back to Basics Webinars

Now QOF is set to play a bigger part in our lives again, do you have members of staff taking a more active QOF role or new members of staff who need a general introduction to QOF? If so, QOF Back to Basics is just what they need. You can either arrange a locality-based webinar for your local practices or you can register your interest and we will run some webinars from early May onwards.

Many practices will have been caught out by QOF 20/21, despite being income protected, most indicators were still prevalence weighted - there will no doubt be a significant drop in average prevalence figures this year, however, they could rise significantly in 21/22. Make sure you are not caught out by this as it will have a major impact on your income. Enquire about our money-back guarantee QOF Prevalence Health Checks to ensure you are paid accurately based on your workload.

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