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QOF & Enhanced Services - Update/Refresher Seminars

Wednesday 26th Feb 2020

Following the release of the Update to the GP contract agreement 20/21-2023/24, the following changes have been agreed:

QOF - Asthma, COPD and heart failure domains are having an overhaul - 97 points recycled into 11 more clinically appropriate indicators. New indicator - non-diabetic hyperglycaemia (18 points). New QI modules to include learning disabilities and supporting early cancer diagnosis.

New essential/contractual services - 6-8 week post-natal check, weight management checks for obese patients.

PCN’s - enhancing the additional roles reimbursement scheme, service specifications for structured med review/medicines optimisation, enhanced health in care homes and supporting early cancer diagnosis.

Investment and Impact Fund (IIF) - rewards PCN’s for delivering objectives, operating in a similar way to QOF with 8 new indicators relating to seasonal flu, learning disability health checks, social prescribing referrals and prescribing.

The above are just a few of the changes. As usual we will be running our annual seminars to update, summarise and simplify the changes for you.

“This is the most informative annual course I attend - I always leave with a greater understanding of what I already do with a lots of extras thrown in. It was so worthwhile. The trainer was, as always, excellent”

Jeanette, Practice Manager

REGISTER YOUR INTEREST - locality seminars will be based on where there is the most demand. To register your interest in attending a local seminar please email lewis@insightsol.co.uk. Dates/locations will be released throughout March/April.

Do you want to run your own locality-based seminar?

If you want to organise your own seminar, please contact us ASAP - laura@insightsol.co.uk. Failure to book these prior to us releasing dates/venues may mean we are unable to run a locality-based session for you.

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