QOF back to basics …

Monday 4th Jan 2021

Thank you all for your feedback, we have had a huge response to the return of our updated QOF back to basics webinars. These are ideal for any new starters or members of staff taking on more QOF responsibility. The timing of these webinars is perfect; even though QOF is on hold until April 2021, this webinar goes right back to basics, ensuring your staff are up-to-speed with the current situation as well as being prepared for the QOF come-back in April 2021.

Wednesday 20th January 2021 @ 10.30am

Tuesday 26th January 2021 @ 2.00pm

Thursday 4th February 2021 @ 10.30am

→ Cost of the webinar is £60+VAT (£72), this is per webinar/per log on.

→ Webinars are 1 hour long. They will be live from the time stated and will not be recorded.

To reserve/book places, please visit https://www.insightsol.co.uk/events/

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