QOF 2021/22 Updates

Sunday 18th Apr 2021

  • Clinical Domain - 401 points
  • Public Health Domain - 160 points
  • QI Domain - 74 points
  • The size of QOF has increased from 567 to 635 points with the average point value set at £201.16 (9085 average list size)
  • New Vaccination & Immunisation Domain
  • New indicators for patients with a serious mental illness and physical health checks
  • Non-diabetic hyperglycaemia - this is a new area for many, practices will need to create a register and ensure patient’s HbA1c is tested annually. NDH is defined as an HbA1c on 42-47mmol/mol or a fasting plasma glucose (FPG) of 5.5-6.9mmol/l. There were 1.8 million people with NDH in England in 2018.
  • New timeframes for a cancer care review

With QOF having been mainly relaxed in 2020/21, I’m sure we can all do with a little refresh. From May 2021, Insight will be virtually running their popular QOF Update & Changes Webinars - we do miss running the seminars and seeing everyone in person but these are the next best thing!

Thurs 6th May @ 11am or 2pm

Tues 11th May @ 11am or 2pm

Weds 12th May @ 11am or 2pm

Tues 18th May @ 11am or 2pm

Weds 19th May @ 12pm

Cost per place is only £60 + VAT. To book places please visit https://www.insightsol.co.uk/events/

All places must be reserved online and will be confirmed once payment is received (online payment available or you can pay by BACS)

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