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QOF 2019/20 Invitation Codes

Monday 5th Aug 2019


We have developed an 8-page guide listing all of the invitation codes included in the QOF 2019/20 rule sets for each of the chronic disease areas. Patients should now be sent a minimum of two invitations within the QOF year and if correctly coded will then automatically exclude the patient, there will be no requirement to add an additional ‘exception code’ as we have in the past. We know many practices are struggling as some of the invite codes are SNOMED only and are not yet available on clinical systems. However, in the guide we have listed the V2 and CTv3 code - pick a code which is available now and has a SNOMED associated code and you will not need to re-code later in the year when the SNOMED codes become available.

There is one code which is common across all disease areas - QOF quality indicator-related care invitation. This single code can be used where patients have multiple diseases they are being invited for. This code can be used where you are genuinely inviting patients once for ALL diseases. However, from a data quality perspective and to demonstrate you are inviting patients appropriately it would still be our recommendation to use individual disease specific invite codes. This code is not currently available as is in the new release of codes.

For all Insight Members, this 8-page guide is available in the NEW RESOURCES THIS MONTH folder and QOF and Enhanced Services General Documents


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