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Prevalence – accurate QOF registers

Wednesday 3rd Jan 2018

Do you regularly validate your QOF registers?
Do you have any idea how much you could be losing if you leave your registers to manage themselves?

The example below is a real-life practice example.  Practice A had a data quality assessment in January 2017, they then set to work to rectify the issues we identified for them.  We then re-validated their registers in December 2017 – the results of their hard work are clear to see.  Across just 3 QOF disease areas, they have increased their annual QOF income by more than £8,600 (based on current prevalence rates).  Yes, this involved them making improvements to their coding, however, they have not increased their register totals by huge numbers (so not a huge workload) but they have certainly increased their income by a huge number. 


Why have we picked these disease areas?

Because they are the ones still catching many practices out.

REMOTE QOF dial-in (see details on Pg 2) includes us remotely dialling into your system to install and run a series of crafted searches to identify patients ‘missing’ off the above registers – in most cases, you have done the work incorrect coding means you are not being paid for the work you have done.