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Monday 6th Sep 2021

We ran this article in our August newsletter but had so many positive comments from PM’s (all very supportive and in agreement with my plight so thank you!!) and so many enquiries from PCN’s needing help, we decided to run it again in case you missed it last month …

In October 2020, I was asked by a local practice to help them out as their interim PM. With COVID in full swing, Insight was understandably quiet - who had time for training & support when you were so busy managing a pandemic? I thought long and hard about it, I hadn’t been a PM for 28 years, things change overnight so I was not deluded enough to think it would be easy but I was up for the challenge.

I know PM’s do an incredible job but I seriously take my hat off to you guys - the last 10 months have been challenging for sure, they have been the most rewarding but they have been anything but easy. How is it possible for one person to be an expert in management, business development, HR, IT, finance, facilities to name but a few (and believe me, I was one of the lucky ones with the support I have from an incredible team). Despite all of that, I’ve loved it, never have I ever felt so out of control, under pressure and utterly confused at times but the help and support from other PM’s has been incredible, it is like a big, extended, dysfunctional family!

One area I knew I’d be ok was around IT; QOF, enhanced services, coding, data quality - all of the areas Insight excel in. With QOF, enhanced services, PCN targets and local performance indicators coming back on board this year, I was in my element.

So what has been my biggest enemy in the last 10 months? …

Time, or lack of it! There are just not enough hours in the day. Whilst I know many practices employ the services of Insight Consultants, I now understand why it’s so essential to many of you - it’s the piece of mind those jobs, which you are perfectly capable of doing if only you had time, get done, accurately and on time.

Employ an Insight Consultant …

So many practices, and of late, more and more PCN’s employ a regular Insight Consultant. Practices, where you don’t have an IT/Data Manager, employ the services of Insight to work with you one day a month (this is the most popular although some opt for 2 days a month or 1 day a quarter) to look after QOF, Prevalence, enhanced services, local performance indicators and IIF targets, as well as everyday searches and templates you need creating. We are working more and more across PCN’s, to help all of the practices with the above as well as other IT initiatives. Some PCN’s have purchased a 12 day annual contract working with their 3 or 4 practices, taking the headache out of their IT systems. We can deliver training where it is required, for individual practices or for practices across the PCN, set up and run searches, establish processes for new enhanced services and just generally help practices with any IT needs they have. A 12 day contract means we are yours, one day per month, or 2 half days per month - larger PCN’s have employed us one day a week where we analyse data across practices to look at trends, to identify problem areas for commissioning of new services. The possibilities are endless; we work with you to understand your needs and create a PCN or practice specific proposal.

If you would like to discuss this in more detail, please contact Laura - she will then arrange a virtual meeting to discuss your needs in more detail.

Fiona, MD, Insight Solutions

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