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Tuesday 3rd Jul 2018

This one is still catching many practices out - it is a manual quarterly claim via CQRS submission. This is the 3rd pneumococcal & HiB Men C booster for 12/13 month olds.

Searches available on the Insight Portal for members include:

Emis Web & SystmOne -

  • Booster PCV HiB Men C recall cohort - patients who have had 1st & 2nd but not the completing dose
  • PCV HiB Men C Completed (back claims) - identify patients from previous years for practices who may not have claimed
  • PCV HiB Men C Completed (current claims) - quarterly search for you to make your manual submission via CQRS

Each completing dose is worth £15.02 - ensure you claim for all doses administered

Log into the portal: https://insight.fusemetrix.com/portal/login.php

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