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PCN’s – Delivering Extended Hours

Monday 1st Jul 2019

Whilst delivering our recent QOF road shows, it became apparent many PCN’s had different models for delivering extended hours. As a result, we thought it would be useful to detail some of the models available for PCN’s to determine how they can deliver this to their registered population.

Provision of extended hours access appointments is a requirement of the Network DES from 1 July 2019. It will be up to your PCN to determine how this is provided to the registered population of the PCN as part of the Network Agreement but PCNs will need to ensure this service is offered to the entire PCN population. The exact model of delivery in each PCN may vary and could include:

  1. All practices in the PCN continuing to offer extended hours to its own registered list
  2. One practice undertaking the majority of the extended hours provision for the PCN’s population, with other practices participating less frequently (but that practice’s registered patients can still access extended hours services at other sites)
  3. One practice offering extended hours to its own registered list and the other practices sub-contracting delivery for their respective patients

Irrespective of the delivery model, the PCN should ensure that all network patients have access to a comparable extended hours service offer. Each PCN’s extended hours service offer will need to meet the specified requirements of the Network Contract DES as specified at section 4.3 of the Network Directed Enhanced Service Contract Specification 2019/20. The specification also clearly states practices must ensure they have in place appropriate data sharing arrangements and, if required, data processor arrangements prior to extended hours service delivery – ensure you remember to update your practice privacy policy to include any data sharing arrangements you make, listing all practices involved.

For more information, the link below takes you to a great frequently asked questions document:


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