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Osteoporosis Register – age 50-74

Monday 3rd Dec 2018

Many practices struggle to use the correct codes for Osteoporosis for this age group – it is quite complex. As well as coding osteoporosis diagnosis (N330. or 64859006) and a fragility fracture (N331N, XaNSP , 306171000000106), you have to prove osteoporosis with a DEXA. This can be coded in two ways (using the hip scan as an example):

Hip DXA scan result osteoporotic - 58EG. or XaITW or 391070005

Hip DXA scan T score (and value < -2.5) - 58EE. or XaITU or 391068001

If you’re using SystmOne or Vision the QOF register will look for any of these codes. BUT in EMIS the QOF register search is set up to look for any “scan result osteoporotic” code but only the latest value for T-score. Coding T-scores is good clinical practice but don’t rely on these to add patients to your register – use the “scan result osteoporotic” codes as well!

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