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Open Exeter Toolkit - Childhood Immunisations (Emis Web ONLY)

Friday 1st Mar 2019

Is this a job which your admin team love to hate?
Does someone in your admin team spend a whole day inputting the dates for your childhood immunisations?
Would you like to be able to do the whole job within 30 minutes?

We've developed a set of EMIS Web searches, which enable you to easily extract all of relevant childhood immunisation data required by Open Exeter. This data, once converted into a CSV file, allows you to simply upload all of the data directly into Open Exeter with a few simple clicks.

OPTION 1 - You will be provided with a demonstration of the process (via REMOTE dial-in), along with a step by step guide to follow. Don't be put off thinking that this will be a completed process, all you need to know is how to run a search in EMIS, and how to cut-and-paste in Excel - £100 + VAT

OPTION 2 – Both options will save you hours of time every quarter and ensure the correct dates are reported. However, if you prefer, we can run the process for you, with a dial-in at the start of each quarter - £199 + VAT (12 month contract, 4 dial-ins).

For more information contact Fiona on 01527 557407. Alternatively either options can be ordered via our website:https://www.insightsol.co.uk/products/clinical-system-user-guides-tools/

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